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Here we share photos, some that have likely been used on the website before, but we are asked "What happened to that picture I loved so much".  So here are some fun pics.   Enjoy!


Doodle gets the "inspection".
Standard vs Minillama
Magic Dances
The picture of contentment.
Pile O' Pups!
Male Bonding
Rolex is just too cool!
  Walk dis way!
5am - Freak April Snowstorm
5pm...same day!
Mom's friend enjoying Laz's visit indoors.
Spot On Kisses Gramma
One of lifes's truly Awwww... Moments!
Spot On Gives Kisses To Gramma....
88 years young!
Glory models anti-leg splay outfit
Coolin' off on a HOT July day.
Rooster Cogburn...Keeps the ladies happy!
TFF The Abbot's Josephina, who came back from her first competition as a Grand Champion!

TFF Tickled Pink (now known
as The Abbot's Rihanna gives
kisses to her little gal Twinkle.

Spring Babies....just full of fun!
And then there are the warm llama kisses on a cold cold day.  And warm Pyr tummys as well!
And then there is the summer "coolness"!  Shades...Sunbathing...and that LONG COOL drink!
Little People Loving Little Llamas....It doesn't get any better than this!
Peaceful Coexistencepoop inspectorSibling Rivalry
We Can Work It Out!
Poop Inspector General!
Sibling Rivalry - Toro Kids