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We currently have six gorgeous (well now down to two), good natured, virile bucks. They all live together peaceably and look forward to their "congugal visits" with the ladies.

Click on any buck's name to see his lineage.


Rowanwood Farm Rudha-An

18 April 2010
ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo +*S X Pocket Sized VF XS-Cinnamon

For Sale $500 SOLD


Rowanwood Farm Pip-Squeek

14 May 2010
MCH Kids Corral LL Smokey Fire X Doemain Acres BB Promises

For Sale $500 - SOLD

Winnimusset Big Boy

22 April 2012
Winnimusset Sergio X Winnimusset Alma Azzurra

Big Boy sired six sets of healthy twins on his first time at bat!
Mighty proud of this "Big Boy".

For Sale $350

Big Boy

Winnimusset White Saddle

27 April 2012
Winnimusset Gremlin X Winnimusset Lucia Maria

White Saddle sired three adorable doelings last spring
and has settled two does this fall.


The Fuzzy Farm Daroga

4/25/2013 - Polled

Cookie Cutters HT Goatee X
Kaapio Acres DM Skyz Th'Limit

Daroga has settled his first does this fall.
He's pretty proud of himself! :-)


Polled buck Daroga

The Fuzzy Farm Bazinga


Rowanwood Farm Rudha-An X
Sisters Three GG Pepsi Cola



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