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Senior Does

Sisters Three GG Pepsi Cola (aka SweetPea)

13 March 2008
Chenango-Hills Golden Galahad *S X Kidds Corral FF Ginger Ale

Miss SweetPea has established herself as Herd Queen. Her Majesty presented us with a stunning white buckling with a streak of gold down his back, and so far blue eyes and a gorgeouos doeling. White Lightning and his sister Niblet are both disbudded. Niblet has been sold, but Lightning who is a solid, gorgeous...knew all the buck moves at 1 day of age...the stomping of the foot, the wagging of the tongue, curl of lip...and the baby "Oh Baby" noise is for sale. This boy will grow up to be an incredible buck.

Sweetpea has been SOLD

Kaapio Acres DM Skyz Th'Limit

5 July 2009
Enchanted Hills Deermouse X Kaapio Acres Periwinkle

Skye Has Been SOLD

Hooligan and Ninja
Just look at the adorable twins Skye made for us this spring. Skye has loads of milk and as long as you keep food in front of her, she will give it to you. She has very strict rules...you give me food, I give you milk! Hooligan (red and white) looks just like his daddy (Rudha-An) and Ninja looks like momma. Heathy, robust, naturally raised bucklings. They are both for sale and would make awesome future herdsires.

MCH Pocket Sized BT Wandering Moon 5*D

26 March 2006
Caesar's Villa R Beethoven +*S X Gay-Mor's RA Moon Nymph 4*D

Moonie is a champion milker, she has multiple chamionships to her credit and is a Master Champion. This spring she gave us two gorgeous kids, the buckling is Forte (has more white) and the doeling is Dulce. Forte means strong in Italian,
while Dulce means sweet. Both of her beautiful kids are for sale. I hate doing this, but there are only so many goats I can take care of....my loss can be your gain. Dulce has been sold

Moonie Has Been SOLD


Rowanwood Farm Dipity-Do-Da

ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo +*S X Rowanwood Farm Serendipity

9 April 2012

Check out her striking markings, her cute freckled ears and WATTLES! Can you tell I love wattles???... Goat Bling!



Pocket Sized BT Windy 6*D

30 March 2006

Caesar's Villa R Beethoven +*S X MCH Pocket Sized M Saturn 5*D E

Windy is a total love, and she has the cutest goat grin I have ever seen!



Rowanwood Farm Smiley

19 June 2011
MCH Kids Corral LL Smokey Fire X Rosasharn UP Twinkle Luna 3*D AR 2288



Rowanwood Farm Yoo-Hoo

Rowanwood Farm Rudha-An X Rowanwood Farm Nananushka

21 April 2012

I didn't ask, but I'm betting this gal got her name from her chocolate coloring. Quite the charming gal, we're glad she's ours. Yoo-Hoo had an adorable little doeling the end of July. We named her Adorabella and call her Bella.


YooHoo and her little galBella


Cabin Creek Red Hot Udder Boy X Sophie

23 March 2012

Estelle is a Togg/ND cross. She has blue eyes, great rear structure and a nice friendly disposition.

Not Registered

Estelle Has Been SOLD


Fort Lucas Dierdre

Cabin Creek Red Hot Udder Boy X
Morning Star Designor Genes

1 April 2012

Dee Dee Has Been SOLD

DeeDee has awesome coloring, wattles and blue eyes. What else could she possibly have?..a great personality! Due late August, bred to Rudha-An, so I'm guessing...red and white kids? Well, I guessed wrong. She did have one blue eyed red and white doeling with wattles AND she had a black and brown blue eyed doeling. Both are beautiful and healthy. Loving it! Both of DeeDee's little gals have been SOLD and will go to their new homes when weaned.


DeeDee and the girls

Rowanwood Farm Two Socks

ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo +*S X Pocket Sized Cinnamon

6 April 2012

Two Socks was a farm favorite at Rowanwood and that continues here. Sweet and small, friendly but not pushy...what a gal!

For Sale - SOLD


Rowanwood Farm Ruby Slippers

ARMCH Rosasharn SW Sapporo +*S X Pocket Sized VF XS Cinnamon



Junior Does

Future Milkers
Here are some of our "up and coming" udders...
Is this goat porn?



The Fuzzy Farm Darla


Cookie Cutters HT Goatee X
Kaapio Acres DM Skyz Th'Limit





The Fuzzy Farm Snickers


Rowanwood Farm Pip-Squeek X
Rowanwood Farm Milky Way

Doeling Triplet


Baby Ruth

The Fuzzy Farm
Baby Ruth


Rowanwood Farm Pip-Squeek X
Rowanwood Farm Milky Way

Doeling Triplet


Hunny Bunny

Rowanwood Farm Hunny Bunny

4 May 2013

Rowanwood Farm Pip-Squeek X Pocket Sized VF XS Cinnamon



Rowanwood Farm Flower Child

25 April 2013

Rowanwood Farm Rudha-An X
MCH Pocket Sized BT
Wandering Moon




Rowanwood Farm Austin

4 May 2013

Rowanwood Farm Pip-Squeek X Flat Rocks Expectations


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